A Multidisciplinary Enquiry

Design a multidisciplinary enquiry – or in other words, a lesson in which your student will do an investigation, using several disciplines.

There are many questions that you can interpret and investigate through three or more disciplines. For your teaching activity, come up with a question that will interest you and/or your student. Then use the discipline wheel to plan what will happen in your lesson. You could decide to focus on four disciplines – in which case, who will choose them? Include opportunities for discussion about each discipline. In particular what are the investigative methods we associate with each discipline – is it direct observations, is it searching for secondary sources, is it calculating and discussing your calculations … Plan ways to encourage your student to talk about each of the disciplines too.

You can put an object or question inside the discipline wheel – the example in the video is an object and our question is …”What is an orange?”


This link will take you to a survey that will help you to decide on your learning goals for children and also plan a teaching session.

We recommend you use the tool many times. You can choose which sections you answer each time and print / save your answers at the end of each visit.

Session Planning Tool

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