Teaching with a Bridging Question

Design a lesson that uses a ‘bridging question’ to help your student to compare and contrast two disciplines.

The aim of the lesson is to compare two disciplines and to notice how they can work together to address a question that we can investigate using both disciplines. When we do this in the classroom, we call it a bridging question – because it’s a question we choose deliberately to suit our learners. Academics also work with questions that they investigate through more than one discipline – and call them cross-disciplinary questions.


“Why did the Titanic sink?” is an example of a bridging question – we can investigate through both science and history.


Background Reading


This link will take you to a survey that will help you to decide on your learning goals for children and also plan a teaching session.

We recommend you use the tool many times. You can choose which sections you answer each time and print / save your answers at the end of each visit.

Session Planning Tool

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