This resource is designed to give you a selection of teaching skills, to spark or maintain your interest in teaching. You could be a school student thinking about teaching or a future teacher on a teacher education course or a teacher in school.

The resource draws on a national initiative called the Epistemic Insight Initiative – to give you tips on designing enquiries for primary school students. This will include thinking about what primary school children need to know about science and other scholarly disciplines they study.

The site was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic and has a particular focus on how to teach hands-on-science – in ways that are adapted for teaching during the pandemic.


  • Discover ways to teach hands-on science – during and after the Covid pandemic
  • Learn some key skills in teaching and receive a certificate of recognition – from a professional teacher training institution.
  • You will design your own sessions to teach a primary school child a range of key ideas from the National Curriculum

Animations, tips and tools

The Discipline Wheel (below) is one of the teaching tools you’ll be working with in this course. You’ll also find animations and videos to illustrate and explain key ideas.

The Discipline Wheel

We use the Discipline Wheel to decide which disciplines (subjects) we can use to investigate a question. In this example, the question is, “Why did the Titanic sink?” Find out more soon!

Once you’re ready to start …

To move through the course, use the drop-down menu in the menu bar – or the links in the footer on each page. The next page from here is: Scientific Enquiry

Find out more about our work at www.epistemicinsight.com

Find out more about careers in teaching at https://www.canterbury.ac.uk/education/faculty-of-education.aspx

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