This resource is designed to give you a selection of teaching skills, to spark or maintain your interest in teaching. You could be a school student thinking about teaching or a future teacher already on a course.

The resource draws on a national initiative called the Epistemic Insight Initiative – to give you tips on designing enquiries for primary school students. This will include thinking about what primary school children need to know about science and other scholarly disciplines they study.


  • Learn some key skills in teaching and receive a certificate of recognition – from a professional teacher training institution.
  • You will design your own sessions to teach a primary school child a range of key ideas from the National Curriculum
  • You can do the course whether or not you have a younger child to work with.

Animations, tips and tools

There are resources and tips throughout the site that you can use to build your own lessons

The Discipline Wheel (below) is one of the teaching tools you’ll be working with in this course.

The Discipline Wheel

We use the Discipline Wheel to decide which disciplines (subjects) we can use to investigate a question. In this example, the question is, “Why did the Titanic sink?” Find out more soon!

Find out about the ‘Buddy Bench’ challenge The Buddy Bench Challenge

Once you’re ready to start …

To move through the course, use the drop-down menu in the menu bar – or the links in the footer on each page. The first step is a Preparation activity. Then Session 1 looks at how to teach scientific enquiry.

Once you’ve finished with the site – on or before your last visit

Don’t forget to download your certificate to recognise your progress as a scholar and a New Generation Teacher.

Please also fill in our ‘review survey’ – it will help you to record some key points you’ve learnt and want to remember. If you type in your answers and press ‘done’, it will also help us – we are very glad of feedback on whether the site has helped you. Here’s the link

NGT Review survey

Projects, Queries and Feedback

Please use the form on the contact page or email us at LASAR @ canterbury.ac.uk (remove the spaces).

If you are age 16 and above, you can email project work to us directly. If you prefer and /or if you are below 16 – please ask a teacher to forward your work and we’ll send feedback to your teacher to forward to you.

We’re very pleased to get queries about teaching and teacher training courses from students and those exploring options for a career change or first career.

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